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Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis, also known as competitive analysis, involves recognizing rivals within your industry and studying their distinct marketing tactics. This data can serve as a basis for comparison to pinpoint your company’s advantages and disadvantages compared to each competitor.


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Identify your competitors

A simple approach is to conduct a search for your product name or category on a search engine like Google and examine the findings. Additionally, you could gather feedback from your current customers by conducting surveys or interviews to inquire about the other options they evaluated prior to selecting your product or service.

Create a competitor matrix

Begin by allocating a single row or column to every competitor that you have recognized. On the perpendicular axis, enumerate the data points or categories of information that you intend to gather regarding each competitor. If you are unsure about what you should be searching for at this stage, there is no need to worry as you can include additional categories as you proceed with your research.

Gather background information

Utilize this gathered information to develop a comprehensive customer profile that your competitors are trying to attract with their offerings. These customer profiles will most likely resemble your own target audience since they are your competitors. Therefore, it’s essential to take note of even the slightest variations.

Profile your competition’s target customers

Competitor audience analysis refers to the process of identifying and examining data pertaining to the audiences of your rivals.

Focus on the 4 P’s

The marketing mix, which is also referred to as the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place), encompasses the essential components of launching a product in the market. During your research, consider the following questions for each of the competitors you have identified.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses—yours and your competitors’

Psychographic audience analysis refers to grouping and examining an audience based on factors such as their interests, values, and affiliations.

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  • Identify your competitors​
  • Create a competitor matrix
  • Gather background information
  • Profile your competition’s target customers
  • Focus on the 4 P’s
  •  Analyze strengths and weaknesses—yours and your competitors’

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