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Your travel and hospitality enterprise needs a digital transformation to deliver a smooth journey: decode the ‘passenger genome’ to offer personalized service, sequence gene blocks for better traveler engagement, collaborate with partners for ancillary services, and improve asset management to ensure timely availability.

Success Stories

Curated by a vibrant team of 6, White Hats Restaurants (WHR) is a Restaurant Consulting and Food & Beverage Management Company. We are an innovative one-stop consultancy company for everything that a restaurant needs – be it market research, kitchen design & setup, menu planning, focused staff training.
They deliver authentic and enriching experiences with minimal impact on the environment. Luxury, elegance, personalized service, and all the contemporary facilities are combined to provide an environmentally friendly hotel. Don’t miss out on our offers. We guarantee you the best price for all our properties.
Tetto team brings to you a proven process for developing restaurant management accountability, cost control systems, sales-building initiatives, and debt restructuring strategies—all essential components to successful restaurant turnarounds. Our approach creates a unified call.
Hotel Grand Xenia is owned by Gupta Prime Resorts Pvt Ltd who are well known for their traditional values with modern requirements and the comfort of their business and leisure travelers. Also, Grand Xenia owns several Properties in Ajmer city and all the Property has its unique attribute to satisfy.

Request for services

Discover how we can assist your organization in navigating its next phase. Please inform us of your specific areas of interest so that we can provide you with more personalized assistance.


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