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Ecommerce platforms typically allow users to browse products and services, make purchases, and track orders online. Payment processing is usually handled electronically, with various payment options available such as credit cards, PayPal, and other digital payment methods.

Success Stories

Alter ego has always been more than fashion and thread, we resonate with constant change in human outlook. At Alter ego, we see that it is human to be different every single day.
Lick – Press on Nails, is a ready to use false nails, which is your very own DIY manicure, so that every woman can express her creativity, by painting her nail canvas the way she wants.
Graphene is the wonder material regarded as the milestone in the world of Nano Material Science. It is the world’s thinnest & strongest 2D material. Graphene’s sharp, atom-thin edges.
Curae Health is a brand recognized by leading nutritionists in the industry. We are the brainchild of thorough research and natural ingredients. Our diet affects the efficiency of all body parts.

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