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Establishing a unique and appealing brand identity, investing in advertising and promotion, and staying up-to-date with new marketing channels are all critical for attracting loyalty.

Success Stories

The best part about baking a bread is the warm aromo as it rises. This was a major missing part in the lives of brand connoisseur. To bridge this gap, Brotco has opened the first ever live experiential kitchen in Jaipur. Place where you are the chef, server and customer!
Lalaram’s began as a small street cart in Jaipur, It was word of mouth that grew the business manifold over the decade with taste, hygiene and innovation. Our brand is associated today with traditional Indian sweets, savouries, snacks and Indian food traces its humble beginnings to 1940.
A beautifully intricate structure reminiscent of the delightful industrial era, showcasing extensive speakeasy cocktails by expert mixologists and catering to global connoisseurs with a delectable menu with Pan Asian including Indian as well as European gastronomic offerings.
Chirmi Palace is a 150 year old residence now converted into a hotel being run by Thakur Vikram Singhji. He is a scion of the house of Chomu, the senior most “Thikana” under the state of Jaipur. Vikram Singhji’s ancestor, Thakur Mohan Dasji was responsible for the conquest of Afghanistan.

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